Federal Ministry Republic of Austria European and international Affairs (Bundesministerium Europäische und internationale Angelegenheiten) issued a letter explaining the 2022 elections.

October 9th: Federal Presidential Election in Austria: “Bundespräsidentenwahl”

WHO CAN VOTE: Austrian citizens, 16 years and older

Already registered in the Election Registry?
For Austrians, who are registered in the Election Registry, the Absentee Ballot will be sent out beginning September 13, 2022. A second envelope will be included for a potential 2nd round on November 6, 2022.

Not yet registered in the Election Registry?
If you haven’t registered, you can still apply to be included in the Election Registry until SEPTEMBER 8th. Please be aware that in this case you need to apply separately for the absentee ballot as well.

Election Registry – Application Form

Absentee Ballot – Application Information

September 25th: State Elections in Tyrol: “Tiroler Landtagswahlen”

WHO CAN VOTE: Austria citizens, 16 years and older, main residence in Tyrol.
Austrians abroad Tyroleans with their main place of residence abroad (“AuslandtirolerInnen”). The prerequisite for this is that they have Austrian citizenship, had their main residence in Tyrol before moving their main residence abroad, have reached the age of 16 at the latest on election day and are not excluded from the right to vote.

In order to be able to vote, Tyroleans abroad must be entered in the electoral register for those entitled to vote abroad (“Auslandstirolerevidenz”). This requires a corresponding application to the municipality of last main residency in Tyrol.

Tyroleans living abroad who vote abroad always need an absentee ballot to cast their vote, since only postal voting is possible. This must always be applied for at the municipality in whose electoral register you are registered. With the application for registration in the electoral register for persons entitled to vote abroad, an application can also be made to have an absentee ballot card issued ex officio for participation in every state election for which the right to vote exists (“voting card subscription”).