Passport Application at the Austrian Consulate in Denver Colorado

All Austrian citizens living in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico can apply for a passport/passport renewal at the Honorary Consulate in Denver. Applicants including children and infants must be present at the Consulate when applying for new passports and renewals.

  • The issuance of a new Austrian passport takes between 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Your appointment will take approximately 30 min.
  • You must possess or obtain your Citizenship Certificate (StaatsbĂĽrgerschaftsnachweis) prior to applying for a passport.
  • Please bring all required documents in ORIGINAL and COPIES!!
  • Make sure you have the APOSTILLE applied if necessary as described on the Austrian Consulate General in Los Angeles’ website.

We at the Austrian Honorary Consulate in Denver have to verify your fingerprints and your documents, which you then send to the Austrian Consulate General in Los Angeles.

Note: if you don’t have all the requirements on the day of your appointment you will have to schedule a new appointment. NO COPIES can be made at the Consulate!

As soon as we have verified your documents, you can send the verified copies together with the passport picture and a self-addressed, prepaid return envelope to:

Austrian Consulate General
11859 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 501,
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Click here to see current fees

Bring in US$ / cash only /exact change only please


Click here to see all necessary documents and forms

Must be accessed on computer, link doesn’t work properly on a mobile phone

If you have all the required:

  • Forms
  • Documents (including apostille if necessary) – original and copies
  • Passport picture in EU format
  • Fee in US$ / cash only /exact change only please

THEN you can make an appointment:

If the passport is lost, the Consulate General or the Honorary Consulate in Denver cannot be held responsible. You have to apply for a new passport and pay the fee again; the Consulate General or the Honorary Consulate in Denver cannot reimburse any additional costs.

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