Podcasts about Austria: Austria Tipps


We are excited to share podcasts about Austria on this page. Are you a tourist visiting this beautiful country? Or maybe even an Austrian who is looking for something special? We encourage you to listen in to our podcasts for some special tips!

The idea of podcasts came to us while listening to a German podcast series created by Claudia Renler called “Podcasts Wien-Tipps”. As the name suggests, Claudia offers tips about Vienna in German and has over 60 podcasts available as of July 2021. She is a Vienna native and features specific sightseeing tips, but also provides insights into museums, events and restaurants. Claudia is blind and realized that the format of podcasts is ideal for people with eyesight issues. In fact, several of her tips center around navigating Vienna as a blind person.

As a service to everyone who cannot speak German, our podcasts are in English. Furthermore, although Vienna is a fantastic city, we wanted to expand our geography and include topics pertaining to Austria in general. Some of the topics about Vienna are based on Claudia’s podcasts.

Listen to our narrator Torben MacCarter while he explains what makes Austria so special and what you can’t miss at your next Austria visit!

Podcast “Austria Tipps”

3. Podcast: Heuriger

2. Podcast: Schloss Schönbrunn

1. Podcast: Jewish Cemetery in Vienna – Jüdischer Friedhof in Wien Währing 

If you are looking for more general information, we highly recommend browsing the Austrian Tourism website.

Would you like to hear podcasts about a specific topic? Let us know by emailing here. Thank you!