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You can now apply for your Austrian passports at the Austrian Honorary Consulate in Denver during the Consular Days at our office in Denver, 1776 S. Jackson Street in Denver, CO.

Click the link below to set up an appointment.
We plan to hold Consulate Days for Austrian Passport Applications on a regular monthly basis.

Your appointment will take approximately 30 min. Please be aware of the requirements due to COVID – scroll down.

We at the Austrian Honorary Consulate in Denver have to verify your finger prints and your documents, which you then can send to the Austrian Consulate General in Los Angeles. This is why we ask you to bring copies that we will then verify on site.

To sum it up:

  • Please bring originals AND copies of all necessary documents to be verified by us (WE CANNOT MAKE COPIES ON SITE) and 2 passport pictures (need to be according to EU-criteria) WE CANNOT MAKE PASSPORT PICTURES ON SITE): click here to see all necessary documents
    All originals (current passport, citizenship certificate, birth certificate, Apostille, Green Card, Drivers License etc.) must be presented with copy.
  • Make sure you have the Apostille applied if necessary as described on the Austrian Consulate General in Los Angeles’ website
  • Please bring money – CASH ONLY (fees can be seen here)
  • As soon as we have verified your documents, you can send the verified copies together with the passport picture and a self-addressed, prepaid return USPS Priority envelope to:
    Austrian Consulate General 11859 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 501, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Please make sure you bring all necessary documents as cited on the webpage of the Austrian Consulate General Los Angeles PLUS COPIES!

If the passport is lost, the Consulate General or the Honorary Consulate in Denver cannot be held responsible. You have to apply for a new passport and pay the fee again; the Consulate General or the Honorary Consulate in Denver cannot reimburse any additional costs.

Please find current Consular Fees (cash only) here. Please note that debit and credits card / personal checks cannot be accepted.


Requirements due to COVID:
Due to recent increased cases of Covid 19 infections in Denver/Colorado we will be more cautious regarding the appointments to protect you and our staff.

Please wear your mask and keep 6 feet distance as much as possible. Before your Face to Face appointments at the Austrian Consulate Denver, we are requiring to send us electronically ( the copy of the proof of vaccination certification. For children under the age of 12 years: please send us a negative PCR Covid-19 test which is not older than 72h. Unfortunately, if you can not deliver this documents on time (latest 6 hours in advance), we have to cancel your appointment at our offices. Thank you for your understanding.

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