Moving to a new country, starting a new job and integrating into a new culture can be very stressful. Everyone experiences stress at different points in their lives and that is absolutely normal. However, when left unmanaged chronic stress poses a serious health risk. Scientists have known for a long time that chronic stress can lead to weight gain, heart disease, trouble sleeping and concentrating. Stress does not only affect your body, but also your performance at work. Some of the warning signs of chronic stress include low energy, frequent cold and infections, headaches, upset stomach and/or changes in appetite and eating habits, and trouble falling or staying asleep or sleeping more than usual.

If you feel exhausted and overwhelmed more than usual, try some of the following activities to reduce your stress hormone levels.

1. Regular physical activity
2. Mindfulness and Meditation
3. Smiling and laughing
4. Spending time with friends and family
5. Listening to calming, relaxing music.

Most people are aware that chronic stress is detrimental to their health, yet they find it challenging to incorporate healthier routines into their daily lives. It’s easy to stay in our comfort zone and stick to old habits. However, we can’t expect different results by doing the same thing over and over again.
Becoming clear on our motivation to incorporate healthy habits and reduce stress is a first important step. This could be an imminent health concern, being more productive at work, or being around longer and in better health for our family and loved ones. Once we know what our true motivation is, it is much easier to stick to a new routine.

Reducing stress and implementing a daily self-care routine is vital for maintaining your overall health. It can increase your mood and energy, boost your immune function, promote longevity and make you more effective at work.

Start now and give yourself the gift of releasing chronic stress. If you like to get support, send an email to for a FREE consultation and goal setting session.

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